Your buildings fire alarm system is your first line of defense in notifying your occupants of a potential fire. The proper inspection and service of your fire alarm system is critical to the life safety of your buildings occupants. An inspection and service program can prevent unexpected costs due to false alarms. Testing your system on a regular basis keeps your system in compliance with NFPA 72 standards, as well as the local authority having jurisdiction and insurance company requirements.

At Fire Alarm Services, our comprehensive inspection program consists of testing all initiating devices, including manual pull stations, smoke detectors, waterflow switches, duct smoke detectors, and all other initiating devices connected to your system. System smoke and duct detectors will also be cleaned and sensitivity tested, per NFPA 72 and manufacturers recommendations. This ensures proper operation and reduces the chance of false alarms. We will also test all indicating devices, including horns, speakers, and strobes to ensure their proper operation and location. All control equipment will be thoroughly inspected and calibrated, including the main control panel and all remote control panels.

After our inspection is complete, a professional, computer generated inspection report is created. This report details all completed inspections, including device types, exact device locations, circuit numbers, sensitivity results, and the results of the control equipment testing, including voltage measurements and battery test results. All testing is performed by NICET® certified, state licensed technicians and performed to NFPA and manufacturers recommendations and standards.

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