Inspection, Testing & Installation

Let us handle scheduling necessary inspections, keeping your building in compliance with life safety codes, and handle the design and installation of your fire alarm system.

Servicing the state of Michigan since 2005

Let Us Handle Your Fire Alarm System

We provide a personalized inspection schedule with 24 hour emergency service to keep your system in compliance with life safety codes.

Our Services

Fire Alarm

24 hour emergency service, inspection and testing, central station monitoring, system repairs and installation


System design and installation, new installations, and system redesign

Fire Extinguishers

Full service of fire extinguishers, maintenance and tagging, 6 year service, and hydrostatic testing

Fire Suppression

Testing and maintenance of sprinkler systems, special hazards, and kitchen hood systems
Inspection, Testing & Installations

Why Choose us?


We are dedicated to the state of the fire alarm industry, staying up to date on the latest codes and guidelines.

24/7 Emergency Support

We have 24/7 emergency support to ensure your fire alarm systems is always in good hands.

Qualified Professionals

Our professional staff is trained and certified.
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